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You’re a pharmaceutical company dedicated to human or animal health ?
Your areas of interest are one or more of the following keywords :

  • Digital Health, Nutrition /Microbiota, Nutrition/Animal Health
  • Immunotherapy
  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Regenerative Medicine

ATLANPOLE BIOTHERAPIES helps you to accelerate contacts between your company and its members : start-ups, SMEs, academic laboratories, platforms, etc… based in Western France.

AFIPRAL brings together the laboratories and pharmaceutical establishments of the RHONE ALPES Region.

Its overall objectives are:

  • Promote exchanges between the managers of Laboratories located in the Rhône-Alpes Region.
  • To develop and improve the synergies between Universities and Industries by the creation of the Institute of Industrial Pharmacy of Lyon in 1962.
  • Its board of directors, chaired by AFIPRAL, is made up of industrialists and academics.
  • Promote training and professional education within the Institute of Industrial Pharmacy of Lyon:
    – Master of Engineering for Health and Medicine,
    – University Diploma of Medical Visitors.
  • Strengthen the cooperation between the Healthcare Industry and their political, economic and social partners (lunch-debates, exchanges with the Pharmaceutical Industry Union (LEEM), inter-group exchanges).

BioValley is an Alsatian structure of economic support, piloted by industrials of Health, for the industrials of the Health.

Since 2005, BioValley supports the development of Alsatian healthcare companies


4,038 direct and indirect jobs created


75 entreprises created


508 R&D collaborative projects certified

Eurasanté, economic development agency of the Biology Health Nutrition sector of Hauts-de-France, site of excellence of the European Metropolis of Lille.

Since 1994, Eurasanté has supported researchers, project leaders and companies in the Biology Health and Nutrition sector in their research, creation and development projects.

The PLC is a partner of several events organized by Eurasanté including the BioFIT which took place on 28 & 29 November 2017 in Strasbourg.

EUROBIOMED is at the top of the European rankings at all stages of the innovation chain: teaching basic, translational and clinical research, technological innovation centers, start-ups and industrial success stories.

Together, the more than 270 members of the EUROBIOMED collective (including some 225 companies) constitute:

  • One of the main sources of innovation and growth in the South of France
  • A formidable regional development engine (172 R&D projects representing 718 million euros in investments and 700 direct jobs)
  • A source of solutions for millions of patients facing severe diseases: cancers, chronic inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases, (re) emerging diseases, neurological diseases, rare and orphan diseases.

“The GIPSO or Grouping of Pharmaceutical Industries and Health South West is intended to represent its members and adherents to public institutions and consular, but also to stimulate internal reflection to improve economic development, particularly through professional training . “

The GIPSO has about sixty members of the pharmacy-health sector of Greater South West.
Activities and sizes are very diversified: start-ups, pharmaceutical development companies, industrial groups and consultants operating in the fields of medicine, veterinary medicine, medical devices, biotechnology or cosmetics.

The GIPSO also has “associate members”: universities, high schools, transfer and valorisation cells …

GIPSO leads various think tanks bringing together academics and professionals.

Members can:
participate in these groups and share their experiences;
propose topics for reflection: companies are often the initiators of the topics covered;
receive information on the results obtained by each group.

The actions carried out by the GIPSO make it possible to:
promote regional skills;
lead the pharmaceutical industry;
support companies in their development and management of their skills and promote technological transfers and transfers;
support the development of international companies

Since its creation in 1986, Grepic has set up 7 thematic commissions: Maintenance, Production, Quality, HSE, Purchasing, Human Resources and Supply Chain.

These committees regularly gather representatives of the 40 member laboratories throughout the year as part of a friendly and fruitful exchange.

Grepic is the natural partner of the academic and professional training organizations present in the Center region, such as the University of Tours, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Tours and, of course, the IMT, which has become from its base in Tours. one of the main training resources of the national pharmaceutical industry.

The LEEM, the companies of the drug, brings together the companies of the sector of the pharmaceutical industry in France.

The drug companies have the mission to discover, produce and make available drugs and vaccines for human use.

LEEM now has more than 260 member companies, which account for nearly 98% of the total turnover of the drug in France. The pharmaceutical industry employs nearly 100,000 people in more than 150 trades, and has recruited more than 9,000 new employees a year for the past 10 years.

Formed in 1949 under the name National Chamber of Depositories for Pharmaceutical Products (CSNDPP) and became National Federation of Pharmaceutical Depositories in 2011, the FNDP has its headquarters in Paris.

LOGSanté is the logo of the FNDP.

The FNDP represents the depositary profession with the public authorities and establishes permanent links with other players in the health sector.

The distribution of the drug is an activity whose specificity requires a very particular qualification of all of its actors. As such, the FNDP plays a decisive role in a profession subject to both changes in technology, changes in regulations governing public health and advances in research in the drug industry.

The FNDP ensures the dissemination of quality information on the professions it groups and the activities of its members as public health actors.

LyonBiopôle is the health competitiveness cluster of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

One-stop-shop for regional health, it supports projects and companies in the sector and aims to strengthen the development of technological innovations, products and services for personalized medicine for the benefit of patients.

Its 4 areas of strategic actions:

  • Medicines for human use

medicament humain

  • Veterinary drugs

Médicament animal

  • In vitro diagnosis

Diagnostic in vitro 2

  • Medical devices and medical technologies


Gather a community of 200 actors:

  • 6 founding members of the cluster: 4 major manufacturers (Sanofi Pasteur, bioMerieux, Bohringer Ingelheim Animal Health, BD), CEA and Fondation Mérieux,
  • 180 SMEs and innovative ETIs
  • 14 Competence Centers (University Teaching Centers, Universities, Foundations …).

Offer of accompaniment

  • Stimulate innovation
  • Support the development of SMEs
  • Grow internationally
  • Offer an offer of high level infrastructures

Polepharma’s role is to stimulate the economic and industrial development of the players in the leading French pharmaceutical sector through actions promoting competitiveness, innovation and attractiveness for the benefit of employment.
Legitimate by its territorial anchoring and its representativity, Polepharma is a force of proposal to the public authorities in term of industrial policy of health.


Today, Polepharma is expanding its influence in three neighboring regions: Center-Val de Loire, Normandy, Ile-de-France.

Polepharma federates the first European pharmaceutical production basin, with 53% of drug production in France and nearly 60,000 jobs.

The cluster has nearly 200 direct members and 300 companies or stakeholder organizations. It is a mark of recognition of an ecosystem where industrial, laboratories, public and private R & D centers, territories have been able to create a “fertile land” of health industries.

Members work on the “cross-fertilization” mode to improve their competitiveness, pool their costs, promote their know-how at trade shows, or jointly optimize their logistics solutions.

The SIMV represents the companies of the medicine, diagnosis, devices and technologies for animal health.

It is the DNA common to our entire industry, at the heart of many interactions. Indeed, France is the leading country in terms of research and manufacture of veterinary medicines and reagents in Europe (turnover of 833 million euros in 2015), with more than 6,700 employees, and the largest Therapeutic arsenal of Europe (2,700 AMM).

In addition, two out of three drugs in France are exported. The overall attractiveness of France for animal health issues lies in the density of this industrial, veterinary and professional network, the recognized scientific and technical expertise and the capacity of laboratories to invest in the management of networked R&D projects. and international projects.

Grouped within TLF Overseas, companies organizing international land, air and sea transport and customs brokers was visible in TIPS 2018. This trade union is also present in the logistics and leasing of industrial vehicles.

The TLF Union and TLF Overseas count in its ranks fifty of the first hundred French companies of the branch.

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