AIR FREIGHT conference

  • November 20, 2019
  • Auditorium Descartes
  • 2:00 to 3:30 pm & 4:00 to 5:00 pm


  • Sylvie Boutbien Laboratoire SERVIER
  • Lionel Lucigny QATAR AIRWAYS
  • Annie Lefevre AIR FRANCE KLM CARGO
  • Sandrine Bannier DB SCHENKER


  • Ulrich Doully WFS (à confirmer)
  • Frank Ogden OGN Conseilaero
  • Antoine Soulas KALIBOX
  • Nicolas Fernandes CEVA SANTE ANIMALE
  • Bertrand Nicolau SERVIER
  • Olivier Mary COLCA MS

Conference thematics

  • 1st French conference on pharmaceutical air transport

Building on its success in the previous edition, which highlighted the know-how and ambitions of the major French airports, the PLC is back in 2019 with a focus on the main issue:

How to meet the constraints of laboratories and airlines through reliable and innovative solutions? How to qualify and validate these solutions by combining them with a simple and robust transport plan?

  • State of play on air services and solutions

With the help of airlines, handlair WFS and the presence of IATA. This section will cover the operational and technical aspects specific to air transport: (bunker temperature on the various generations of aircraft, differences and constraints between PAX and cargo aircraft, segregation of packages and loading priorities, possible SOP-type collaborations with the handlair and airport authorities, IATA initiatives (harmonization of procedures, CEIV-Pharma certification, digitalization, partnership with international health authorities)

  • Packaging solutions for end-to-end air transport

With feedback from a laboratory, this part of the workshop will discuss CAPAs with various types of suppliers of isothermal solutions (active and passive packaging) since the drafting of specific specifications and the exchange of data on performance indicators by road and by season.

  • Development of the air transport plan for the laboratory

What are the objectives? Co-writing within what time frame and how often? Who does it concern in the laboratory? How to build a coherent transport plan that takes into account the requirements of each part of the chain? What level of transparency and elements to be provided by the laboratory? Stability data? TOR? Complementarity and ambitions of alliances between airlines? Adequacy between the search for gains on the laboratory side and respect for quality, favouring its image and competitiveness?

Panel discussion

14h00 – 14h10 : Introduction Air Commission.
Intervention: Sylvie Boutbien SERVIER Laboratory

14h10 – 14h30: Air Transport and airport specificities.
Intervention: Lionel Lucigny QATAR AIRWAYS / Annie Lefevre & Florent Gand AIR FRANCE KLM CARGO / Ulrich Doully WFS (to be confirmed)

14h30 – 14h45: Security and the status of a known charger. Intervention Frank Ogden OGN Conseilaero

14h45 – 15h00 : Packaging Solutions for 15/25 deg C
Intervention Antoine Soulas KALIBOX

15h00 – 15-30 : to come….
Intervention Nicolas Fernandes CEVA ANIMAL HEALTH

15h30 – 16h00: Break

16h00 – 16h30: Responsibilities of the responsible pharmacist and the WMA Holder in Transport. Risk analysis.
Intervention Bertrand Nicolau SERVIER

16h30 – 16h45 : Drafting of the transport plan.
Speaker: Sandrine Bannier DB SCHENKER Olivier Mary COLCA MS

16h45 – 17h00 : Questions / answers

Moderator and Time keeper: Cédric Porte BOLLORE LOGISTICS

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