November 18, 2019


Departure 02:00 pm – Return 06:30 pm

Appointment with our guide (bilingual French / English) and two experts in pharmaceutical transport from Tours, at the Tourist Office and departure with our bus for Chenonceaux.

Arrival at the Chenonceau’s Domain, whose castle floats, immobile, on the peaceful waters of the Cher, in the soft light of the Loire’s Valley.

Guided tour of the CHENONCEAU’S CASTLE. Built in the sixteenth century, it appears as one of the purest masterpieces of the French Renaissance.

Built in the bed of the river, on the piles of a fortified mill, the square building constitutes the original castle. On the bridge of Diana stands the double-floor gallery of Catherine de Medicis.

You will discover in particular the guard room, the chapel, a superb gallery 60 meters long above the Cher, the room of Diane de Poitiers, the room François Ier.

On the upper floors, you will still admire the rooms of Gabrielle d’Estrées, Catherine de Médicis and Louise of Lorraine… Arranged in the two piles of the castle anchored in the bed of the Cher, the kitchens will reveal the art and the ingenuity of the builders of the Renaissance.

A walk in the French gardens will end pleasantly your visit.

Continuation to Vouvray, famous for its white wine since the fourth century, during which time Saint Martin implanted the vine.


Located in the heart of the vineyards of Vouvray, this winery gathers 40 winemakers attached to their terroir, tradition and quality.

The wines, rigorously selected and bottled, ripen in the cellars, along more than 2 km of tunnels dug in the tufa. In the deepest of these, you will discover the secrets of the elaboration of sparkling wines and the breeding of still wines.

The tasting that follows the visit will allow you to appreciate the wines that will enchant your moments of celebration.

Return to the Vinci Congress Center (6.30 pm).


Including: the services of a guide and the transport by coach of tourism for the half-day – the entrance to the Castle of Chenonceau – the commented visit with tasting in a Cellar in Vouvray.

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