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The  Pharma Logistics Club (PLC) is an inter-professional association created at the end of 2015 and currently unites more than 100 companies at the international level. This association welcomed more than 500 participants, all actors in twenty different and complementary sectors of the Supply Chain of Health Products.

Active Members in the Supply Chain of Pharmaceutical Laboratories

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Complementary actors

As a mirror effect, the carriers, logisticians and various suppliers engaged in the distribution of Healthcare products delegate their most qualified employees. The TIPS should make possible to promote the direct link with and the highlighting of technological innovations in the field of Transport & Logistics of Health Products.

Our Goal

  • Bring together all Transport & Logistics players in pharmaceutical products.
  • Promote interprofessional exchanges on these sectors.
  • Identify and spead best practices in distribution & certifications.

Our members regularly consult each other in technical commissions to reflect together on the best methods and the latest technologies. These working groups help improve risk analysis, incident management, the dissemination of standards and certifications, the promotion of new skills.

Qualified speakers

The PLC regularly organizes conferences in the form of lunch-debates belonging to the Health or Transport – Logistics sectors.

Stakeholders belong to the public and private sectors. They bring a macro or more regional view thanks to their function within the clusters and poles of competitiveness and others are the field practicing responsibilities Supply Chain in the pharmaceutical laboratories of all sizes.

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